Motorola launches Buggy Night, new Spotlight Story for Moto X

Buggy Night for Moto XMotorola last year launched its first Spotlight Story for the Moto X. Windy Day featured a mouse, a hat and a pesky wind. Motorola is back now with a new Spotlight Story called Buggy Night. With such a title, it should come as no surprise that it stars a bug and takes place at night. Like last time, a little trouble finds our latest protagonist.

The story incorporates an immersive element where you can explore the world of Buggy Night by moving your Moto X about.

With each Spotlight Story we’re uncovering more ground — both technologically and creatively. We’re continuing to explore novel storytelling possibilities for mobile. Possibilities that are revealed when mobile is considered a true medium, rather than just a smaller screen. We’re finding out what happens at the intersection of hardware, software, and content.

Technologically, Buggy Night takes interactivity and immersiveness to the next level. For this story, we created seamless interactivity by leveraging Android 4.4 KitKat graphics capabilities applied to a true 360-degree environment. Creatively, this meant that we had to tell a story that unfolds where you choose to look —and where you don’t.

If you missed Windy Day, it is still available in the new Library section of Spotlight Player (available in Google Play if you don’t already have it).

Sources : Motorola // Google Play