New Motorola smartphone running Android L revealed?

Rumoured Motorola device running Android L

Images of a new Motorola smartphone have surfaced courtesy of TK Tech News. It’s not clear whether this is the Moto X+1 or another device at this point but the images reveal a few interesting details about it.

Most interesting is the fact that the device is running Android L, the next major version of Google’s mobile operating system. It is also reportedly larger than the Moto X and sporting a Full HD (1080×1920) display. One image shows it next to a Google Nexus 5 and it appears to be somewhat larger. The “5 point something inch” display appears to have better colour accuracy but appears dimmer than the Nexus 5 but that could be a function of how the image was taken or a brightness setting. The device also has a front-facing speaker at the bottom.

Rumoured Motorola device running Android L

In a separate tweet, TK Tech News adds that the mysterious device will also sport an 8MP front-facing camera.

A second video shows the boot animation as the device launches into Android L. It’s another slick little Motorola animation.

There is no further information at this point. This device could be the Moto X+1 or it could be something completely different. With Motorola  It could be a new Verizon DROID handset or the mysterious 5.2-inch XT912A (although they could be the one and same) that surfaced a while back (despite the front-camera specs not lining up).

TK has promised to fly out to play with the device in person and report back. We’ll have to see what he comes back with.

Source : YouTube (TK Tech News)