More pictures of Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy AlphaNew images alleged to be of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Alpha (also known as the Galaxy F or Galaxy S Prime in other rumours) have surfaced. Unlike previous renders suggesting an all-metal affair, the new images show a device that is not simply a metal version of the Galaxy S5. They instead show a slightly smaller device with metal sides but retaining the plastic back seen on other Galaxy devices.

SamMobile reports that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha (SM-G850) will be “a somewhat high-end device.” It will sport a 4.7-inch display (resolution no specified), 32GB of internal storage and no external storage support and a fingerprint scanner. Rather than a premium version of the Galaxy S5 though, it appears that it will slot in just below. Additional images provided by Vietnam’s Tinh te suggest that there will be an LTE-Advanced variant as well.

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The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is now rumoured to be announced in August ahead of Samsung’s IFA 2014 event where the Galaxy Note 4 will be unveiled. It may also be released as a limited edition device due to production capacity issues for the metal case preventing more than 1 million cases being produced per month.

Sources : SamMobile // Tinh Te