Pressy “Almighty Android Button” shipments to begin in late April

Pressy button

Pressy today provided its Kickstarter backers with some good news. After running into production quality issues that forced it to delay shipments from its original March time frame, those are now behind it and its manufacturing partner and production is now underway. Over the next two weeks, over 40,000 Pressy buttons will come off the manufacturing lines. Best of all, the company is now expecting to start shipping them out on April 28 with deliveries expected by mid-May.

Pressy also took the opportunity to unveil changes to the keychain. It will now let you clip your stored Pressy Button on your headset wire.

Pressy keychain accessory

As for the imitations, including one from China’s Xiaomi, that have begun to pop up, the company warned that “we have a patent and intend to squash them soon.” It added that its app will only work with the genuine Pressy button. On the flip side, it appears that Pressy was more than a little inspired by Xiaomi’s own clip-on accessory.

We’re looking forward to receiving ours! Did you order one as well? Let us know below.

Source : Kickstarter