Is this the Samsung Galaxy F? (Updated)

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy F

The oft-rumoured Samsung Galaxy F, also known as the Galaxy S5 Prime (unless there are two such devices out there), has resurfaced a couple of times this week. It all started with the blurry image below posted by @evleaks:

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy F

The image, described as “completely unconfirmed, unverified, unsubstantiated,” reveals little as do most blurry pictures. It does appear that we have a Galaxy S5-like device. It’s impossible to tell whether the frame is the expected metal or a plastic one.

The source that provided the image adds that the Samsung Galaxy F will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and a 5.3-inch WQHD display. More interestingly, it is supposed to be a replacement for the Galaxy S line, suggesting that there will not be a Galaxy S6 next year.

Another image has now surfaced, again courtesy of @evleaks. Much clearer, it does look very similar to the blurry one, giving it some much needed credence. We also get a look at the back with camera and LED flash in tow. Gone is the dimpled plastic look of the Galaxy S5 in favour of what is likely a brushed metal back plate.

There is still no word on when Samsung might unveil the Samsung Galaxy F (or Galaxy S5 Prime). With images now surfacing, it would appear that we are getting closer to some kind of announcement. Could Samsung use IFA 2014 to unveil both the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy F?

Updated: @evleaks has also tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy F is expected to launch in September. With an Unpacked event planned for early September, it would appear that our thought that Samsung may unveil it along with the Galaxy Note 4 may indeed happen.

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