Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coming to Canada

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Canada has confirmed that the former is coming to Canada later this year. Better yet for those hoping to get their hands on the Galaxy Note Edge, the company said that it was still looking at that possibility. The short statement simply reads:

“At this time, we would like to confirm that the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 will be available in Canada later this year. Additionally, we are currently evaluating the Canadian market regarding availability for the GALAXY Note Edge.”

While Samsung Canada did not provide any details about which carriers would offer the Galaxy Note 4, TELUS has already confirmed via Twitter that it will be one of them. Given how widely available the Galaxy Note 3 is in Canada, it’s likely that a few other carriers will also carry the Galaxy Note 4 when it lands in Canada.

Pricing details were also not announced. It’s likely that they will fall in line with those of the Galaxy Note 3 when it first launched. If so, we can expect to see it debut for about CA$300 with a two-year contract or about CA$700.

For those hoping to see the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge in Canada, keep those fingers (and toes) crossed.

Sources : MobileSyrup // @TELUS