Samsung unveils new Exynos ModAP processor with integrated LTE

July 20 2014 Samsung Exynos teaserAs expected, Samsung today unveiled a new processor but it was not the expected Exynos 5433. The company announced the quad-core Exynos ModAP chipset, the first from Samsung to feature an integrated LTE modem which supports the LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation Standard.

So far, Exynos ModAP series are capable to support the 4G LTE Release 9 of 3GPP and Cat 4, at both duplex mode, FDD and TDD, in addition to legacy 2G and 3G mobile interfaces. With the latest mobile processor technologies, Exynos ModAP series allow people to enjoy their mobile experience such as web browsing and voice calling without any interruption or poor connectivity anywhere around the globe.

The new Exynos ModAP series is built on a 28nm HKMG Process. It also promises faster multitasking, advanced Image Signal processing up to 8MP 30FPS and memory bandwidth up to 6.4GB/s.

Samsung has yet to publish detailed technical specifications but it appears that the Exynos ModAP is intended for mid-range devices at this point in time. The press release comes with a number of “so far” mentions, suggesting that it has bigger and faster things in mind for its new Exynos ModAP chip series.

No specific availability information was provided today.

Source : Samsung