Software update for SmartWatch 2 now available

Sony SmartWatch SW2

Following the announcement of new editions of its SmartWatch 2 back in February, Sony Mobile yesterday announced a new software update for its smartwatch. It fixes a number of “little bugs” but more importantly introduces new features.

Available as the SmartWatch 2 SW2 app in the Google Play Store, it adds the following new features:

  • Customizable watch faces including the ability to decide what widgets to display
  • Customizable wallpapers
  • Native calculator app
  • Improved Gmail and Facebook apps with better Gmail synchronization and a more “scrollable” Facebook app
  • Improved notification drawer with ability to scroll through calendar appointments and mark events as ‘read’ straight from the watch
  • New setting to turn vibration on or off when Bluetooth connects or disconnects
  • New low light setting that increases brightness by 30% with a double tap

Sony SmartWatch 2 watchfaces

Note that to use the SmartWatch 2 SW2 app, you must have Smart Connect installed on your Android smartphone or tablet. The application itself will not show up in your application screen or home screen but is available via Smart Connect or via the phone or tablet status bar.

Best of all, Sony is already at work on new features for its SmartWatch 2:

This latest update represents a significant step forward in the capabilities of SmartWatch 2 and we’re very pleased in where we’ve brought the platform in terms of user experience, however, we’re always looking at new options in this sector and there are all sorts of exciting developments coming from our smart wearables teams… stay tuned for more news soon!

Sources : Google Play // Sony Mobile Blog