Sony to unveil Xperia Z2 Ultra and Xperia Z2 Tablet alongside the Xperia Z2 at MWC 2014?

SonySony is holding a press event next week at Mobile World Congress. Based on the volume of rumours alone, it appears that the Japanese company will unveil a new flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z2, but there could be more as well. We caught wind of a new Xperia Tablet Z2 just days ago and now a separate rumour suggests that said tablet and perhaps even the Xperia Z2 Ultra phablet could be unveiled alongside the new smartphone.

The tweet is not particularly clear and it could just as well be that both phablet and tablet will be announced later and together comprise the Z2 family. It did not help matters when subsequent tweets added that @gadgetleaks could not be 100% certain that there would be an Xperia Z2 Ultra as the information came from a draft document. Things got even more unclear when tweets calling in question the existence of the Xperia Z2 were then deleted and the existence of the device somewhat reconfirmed even if its launch date was not.

All in all, Sony’s event next week will mostly likely feature the Xperia Z2. Whether an Xperia Tablet Z2 and Xperia Z2 Ultra get announced along with it remains firmly in rumour territory. Both are likely but when and where remains a mystery at this point.

Sources : @gadgetleaks // XperiaBlog