Sprint LG G Flex user guide now available for your reading pleasure

LG G Flex

While the LG G Flex will not hit Sprint (and AT&T) stores until February 7, Sprint has been taking pre-orders since last week. The carrier promises to do “our best” to have the curved and flexible smartphone in the hands of those who pre-ordered by January 31. With just over a week to go, those who have pre-ordered may be looking with a way to help pass the time between now and then.

If you are among those who need to know absolutely everything about their upcoming phone, LG has already made the LG G Flex user manual available for your reading pleasure.

If you’re more inclined to read through code and tinker away with it, LG also has you covered. It has also released the open source code for the LG-LGS995.

There should be no reason that you are not fully prepared when your Sprint LG G Flex hits your door on January 31.

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