Strange looking QWERTY BlackBerry 10 prototype surfaces

Rumoured Blackberry 10 prototypeIn our latest Concept Sunday post, we featured the BlackBerry Q40, a concept device that merged a 5-inch display to a physical QWERTY keyboard. It looked somewhat unwieldy but not quite as much as this strange prototype that surfaced over at CrackBerry today. Rumour suggests that it could be a developer device for a new BlackBerry model, possibly the Windermere, the next high-end QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

The squarish device features not only a rather odd looking form factor but even the keyboard is unusual by BlackBerry standards. It you look carefully, you’ll notice that it even appears to have lost the row of numbers and symbols.

There are no other details to go along with the images of the device.

Assuming that it’s legitimate and not a photoshop prank, there is still no guarantee that it would ever see the light of day. It could well be a prototype that was quickly thrown together to test something in particular. We have a funny feeling that even if BlackBerry was considering releasing something like this, a few customer focus groups would quickly dissuade it of such a move.

Any takers for such a device? Let us know below what you think of it.

Source : CrackBerry