ZTE Z970 phablet gets Bluetooth certification

ZTE Z970Samsung is not the only company to be working on new entry-range phablets. The ZTE Z970 is another such device.Already the topic of rumours in the past, it has now surfaced on the Bluetooth SIG’s website. Not only does this confirm its existence but it also sheds a few details on it as well.

The Bluetooth filing, published on August 7, describes the ZTE Z970 thusly:

Z970 is a GSM/WCDAM/LTE Tri-Mode Digital Mobile Phone. It operates in LTE, UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) known also as 3G, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) or 2G, and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) or 2.5G networks and achieves seamless handover between these various networks. Empowered by 4G technology, this mobile phone helps you realize high speed connectivity on the go. In addition, the touch screen design makes the phone easy to maneuver and ideal for enjoying multimedia entertainment.

The only specification confirmed on the listing is the presence of Bluetooth 4.0. More details are revealed on the FCC’s Accessibility Clearinghouse website. It adds that the display will sport an HD (720×1280) resolution and that the device will weigh 193 grams.

Rumoured ZTE Z970

Past rumours though have given us additional details. Codenamed Olympia according to the now retired @evleaks, it sports a large 6-inch display, a rear 8MP camera, a front 0.9MP camera and it runs on Android 4.4.2 (perhaps 4.4.4 by the time it is released). The body is mostly made of plastic with a a brushed metal finish.

While availability details are not yet known, T-Mobile USA is expected to be among the carriers offering it at launch time. There is no word yet on whether we will see the ZTE Z970 in Canada.

Sources : Bluetooth SIG // FCC Accessibility Clearinghouse // evleaks.at