Apple Watch Hermès goes on sale

Apple Watch Hermès Double TourIn early September, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus (now on sale). It used the same event to announce new case and strap colours for the Apple Watch. It also announced a new partnership with Hermès as it continues to position the Apple Watch as a luxurious smartwatch.

Uncompromising craftsmanship. Pioneering innovation. Groundbreaking functionality. Apple Watch Hermès is the culmination of a partnership based on parallel thinking, singular vision, and mutual regard. It is a unique timepiece designed with both utility and beauty in mind. With leather straps handmade by Hermès artisans in France and an Hermès watch face reinterpreted by Apple designers in California, Apple Watch Hermès is a product of elegant, artful simplicity — the ultimate tool for modern life.

The Hermès line combines the stainless steel case Apple Watch with one of three leather band designs. It also comes with an exclusive Hermès watch face.

Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour

The Single Tour is available in either Fauve and Noir in both 38mm and 42mm models. It is also available in a Capucine option but only for the 38mm model. Pricing starts at US$1,100 (CA$1,500).

Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour

As the name implies, the Double Tour wraps around the wrist twice. Four colours, Fauve, Etain, Capucine and Bleu Jean are available but only for the 38mm model. Pricing starts at US$1,250 (CA$1,700).

Apple Watch Hermès Cuff

The Cuff, inspired by equestrian fixtures,is available only in Fauve for the 42mm model. It sells for US$1,500 (CA$2,050).

In Canada, the Apple Watch Hermès is only available at two Apple Stores, both located in Toronto. They are the Eaton Centre and Yorkdale Shopping Centre stores. In the U.S., stores in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco will carry it.

Source : Apple