Apple Watch in-store pickup service now available worldwide

Apple WatchAfter being available only online for almost two months, it is finally possible to go into an Apple Store and pick up an Apple Watch. To ensure that you don’t walk into a store and discover that the watch of your choice is not in stock, Apple has launched an online ‘Reserve and Pick Up’ service that lets you reserve it before you head down.

When you make a reservation, we’ll have your watch waiting at a time and an Apple Store that work for you. A Specialist will answer questions and help you try it on. So you can be sure you’re getting the right one.

Apple Watch Reserve and Pickup service

The process to reserve your Apple Watch is straightforward. Once submitted, you will receive a special code and will have 30 minutes to confirm appointment and order details.

If you’re thinking of wandering down without a reservation, you will be disappointed. Apple warns that “All Apple Watch models are available by reservation only.” And you’ll need to be quick when you make your online reservation as Apple also warns that “Due to high demand, it’s possible this watch will become unavailable before you confirm your reservation.”

Apple’s new Reserve and Pick Up service is available in both Canada and the U.S. as well as other countries where the Apple Watch is now available.

Source : Apple