ASUS to launch second generation ZenWatch in Q3 2015

ASUS ZenWatch

ASUS jumped into the smartwatch arena in 2014 with the introduction at IFA 2014 of the ASUS ZenWatch (pictured above). The same day late last month that it went on sale it in its home market of Taiwan, CEO Jerry Shen also revealed a glimpse of the company’s plans for wearables in 2015. At least three more wearables are planned for this year, including a follow-up to the ASUS ZenWatch.

The second generation ZenWatch will launch sometime in Q3 2015, roughly a year after the first ZenWatch. Taking a cue from the Samsung Gear S, Shen also revealed that this new smartwatch will sport its own SIM module, allowing it to make calls without the need to be tethered to a smartphone. Shen revealed no other details about it.

ASUS also plans to offer two “wristband-like” devices. Cheaper than its smartwatch, these fitness bands will focus on health management and sport features such as a pedometer, heart monitor and various other measurements such pulse and blood sugar. No timelines were provided for the launch of these.

As for the original ASUS ZenWatch, it appears to have made a strong debut. Despite monthly production volume of about 50,000 units, it will remain in short supply due to strong demand until late February at the earliest. Sales are strong enough that ASUS now expects to be among the top three Android Wear device manufacturers by market share as a result.

Source : Focus Taiwan