Baselworld 2015: Tissot smartwatch prototype shown off

Tissot smartwatch prototype

Swiss-based Swatch Group AG announced plans to jump into the smartwatch market with an announcement last month that it would offer a Swatch smartwatch within months. It also plans on bringing smartwatches to at least one other watch brand it owns. That company, Tissot, is showing off a working smartwatch prototype at Baselworld 2015.

The Tissot smartwatch is based on the T-Touch Solar Expert watch. As with other smartwatches, it can connect to devices such as smartphones through Bluetooth but Tissot is also looking at having it connect to a range of other devices using NFC. The prototype on display can connect to an outdoor weather station to obtain real-time data including altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity.

The Tissot smartwatch will also work with product locators which can be attached to keys or wallets. Proximity alerts will sound if you’re about to leave these behind. The watch hands will then provide directions to allow you to quickly locate them.

Other functions the company is looking to incorporate into the Tissot smartwatch includes contactless payments, unlocking doors, starting car ignitions and controlling lights.

Tissot is hoping to have its smartwatch ready in time for the end of the year. it also revealed that it owns the trademark on the term ‘smartwatch.’ Look for the company to use it in its branding when the Tissot smartwatch launches.

Source : WatchPro