First official modular Blocks smartwatch prototypes revealed

Porotype modular Blocks smartwatchUK-based Blocks Wearables continues to make steady progress with the development of its modular smartwatch. Earlier this summer, the company announced a new partnership with Qualcomm and unveiled a number of technical details. A few days ago, it revealed the first official prototypes on its Facebook page.

The prototype features a round watch face module, the core block, with a number of additional link modules, or blocks, forming the strap. Different blocks will offer different functionality, allowing the wearer to tailor their watch to their specific needs. For example, one block could offer GPS while another adds battery capacity.

The core block includes the display, the Qualcomm 400 Snapdragon processor, a motion sensor and Bluetooth. It will offer the usual smartphone functions including notifications, displaying text messages, emails and calendar alerts and track your sleep and activity.

As you can see from the picture, Blocks plans to offer a number of different colours but the company is “still deciding which ones make the final cut.” You will presumably be able to mix and match colours much as you will choose your blocks.

Blocks expects to launch a crowdfunding campaign by the end of the summer, something that they note “is quite soon.” Along with the core block, it will offer a number of peripheral blocks:

  • Extra battery block
  • Heart rate block
  • Location block (GPS)
  • Contactless payments block (NFC)

More modules are planned for later. Among these could be new core modules with different dial shapes.

Pricing for the Blocks smartwatch is described as “flagship affordable” but no specific details are provided. Needless to say, the more blocks you choose, the more expensive your Blocks smartwatch will be.

Sources : Facebook (ChooseBlocks) // Blocks