Fossil smartwatch to launch as Fossil Q?

Fossil smartwatch at IDF 2015Fossil gave us a short glimpse at its first smartwatch at this year’s Intel Developer Forum (IDF), one of three wearables it plans on launching later this year. Aside from confirming that it will be powered by a mobile Intel processor and Android Wear, the company revealed little else, not even its name. A USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) trademark filing may have revealed that last detail.

Fossil Q USPTO filing

According to the document which was filed back on July 16th, the first Fossil Smartwatch could launch as the Fossil Q or Fossil Q to be more accurate.

The trademark filing description says that the name will apply to “wearable accessories; wearable digital electronic devices in the form of watches and jewelry.” With such a generic description, the name could also apply to one of the other wearables Fossil plans to launch or event o the entire family of devices.

Along with a smartwatch, Fossil will launch a Fossil smarter watch, “a regular analogue watch” enhanced with a chip that to measure activity and deliver notifications and some connected bracelets that will not have displays.

The Fossil line of wearables should be out in time for the holiday season.