Huawei teases MWC 2015 smartwatch announcement?

Huawei MWC 2015 teaser

Huawei recently confirmed plans to launch its first Android Wear smartwatch sometime in 2015. We surmised at the time that it might do so at MWC 2015. Two new teaser images posted on the company’s Weibo account could be a sign that it is about to do just that.

In the grand tradition of teasers, Huawei’s new images reveal little. Both feature the tag line “Next is here.” Beneath it, one image shows a curved line with a star at one end. The second also shows the curved line but hints at something at the side. Could it be a glimpse at the case of a round smartwatch? With a hint of the watchband on the second image?

Huawei MWC 2015 teaser

It may all be too much a stretch unfortunately but we’ll let you decide for yourself. If it’s not, could the mention of 4G in the top left corner be a hint that Huawei’s first smartwatch will also support LTE connectivity without relying on a smartphone?

If a MWC 2015 smartwatch is not in the cards, could Huawei unveil new TalkBand wearables sporting LTE connectivity? After all, Huawei unveiled the TalkBand B1 a year ago at MWC 2014.

MWC is about two weeks away. It will not be long before Huawei’s plans are are revealed.

Chime in below with your own thoughts on whether Huawei is teasing its upcoming smartwatch with one or both of these images.

Sources : Weibo // Gizmochina