Lenovo to unveil new Moto 360 on September 8th

Lenovo Moto 360 September 8 2015 eventWith all the leaks and photos that have recently surfaced about the new Moto 360 smartwatch, we knew that an announcement was not far away. While we were hoping that it would happen this week at IFA 2015, press invitations from Lenovo (Motorola’s parent company), have now revealed via Weibo it will take place on September 8th in Shanghai.

The event, with the tagline “It’s Time” gives us our first official look at the new Moto 360 (if you exclude the short video that Motorola prematurely released a few days back). If nothing else, it confirms that the crown has moved to the 2 o’clock position and that a gold model will be available.

Based on recent rumours, Lenovo will unveil at least two Moto 360 models. One will be about the size of the original Moto 360 (about 46mm) and with a 375mAh battery and the second will be slightly smaller (about 42mm) and with a 270mAh battery. It could also announce a third model, the recently leaked Moto 360 Sport.

Pricing and availability details should be revealed on September 8th (if they don’t leak before). It remains to be seen if Lenovo and Motorola will hold additional events around the world to complement the Shanghai one.

Source : Business Insider