LG to unveil LG W3 smartwatch at October 1st event?

LG ElectronicsLG is holding a press event tomorrow. The company has not revealed exactly what it plans to announce but recent rumours have been pointing to a new smartphone known as the V10. Other rumours have hinted at a smartwatch announcement. It now appears that Google may have tipped LG’s hand and revealed that the South Korean company could indeed unveil a new smartwatch known as the LG W3.

Rumoured LG W3 preview

A press site set up by Google for yesterday’s announcement reportedly mentioned that a preview of the LG W3, “the first Android Wear watch to support cellular connectivity” was planned. That preview never came to be. It may well have been dropped for one reason or another with someone forgetting to update the marketing documentation.

LG is the only major manufacturer not to have announced a new smartwatch for the upcoming holiday season. While it may focus on its current smartwatch lineup which includes the LG Watch Urbane, it is certainly plausible that it would unveil a new model as well. If that model happens to be the first Android Wear smartwatch to support cellular connectivity and a display with a resolution of 480 by 480 pixels (the rumoured LG Nemo), it would certainly fit nicely in LG’s lineup as its new flagship smarwatch.

There is no word yet on availability and pricing for the LG W3. If it does indeed get unveiled tomorrow, we should soon know these details.

Source : Android Headlines