Microsoft Band 2 coming later this year?

Microsoft BandMicrosoft took a very conservative approach when it entered the wearables space last year with its Microsoft Band fitness tracker (pictured above). It was available in limited quantities and quickly sold out. Limited stocks have surfaced every once in a while but Microsoft’s attention is already focused on a successor, the Microsoft Band 2.

According to, Microsoft is in fact already at the prototype stage for its next generation fitness band. It is reportedly testing it internally at offices in Europe. Little information about the Microsoft Band 2 is available at this point. Input from original Microsoft Band users was likely used to address the shortcomings of the original band but it’s not clear what new features could also have been added.

The report also sheds little light on when the Microsoft Band 2 could launch. Microsoft’s attention will be focused on Windows 10 this summer so a launch in the fall about a year after the launch of the original is certainly a plausible scenario. At the same time, Microsoft may want to get it out sooner in a bid to establish itself as a  credible competitor in this space.

If nothing else, the report confirms (assuming it is accurate) that Microsoft is not exiting the wearables market (something that would surprise us anyways) and that it will unveil new products before the end of the year.

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