Misfit adds HealthKit integration and new online portal

Misfit portal and IFTTT integrationMisfit today rolled out a number of new features for its growing portfolio of devices. These include a new web dashboard as well as integration with additional services to provide more functionality to both the Misfit Flash and Shine.

The new my.misfit.com portal now allows you to see your data online rather than solely through the Misfit app. Supporting your Shine, Flash and Beddit, it allows you to see more in-depth data, including step counts, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep patterns, as well as trends over time. You can zoom into specific weekly and monthly date ranges to get more comprehensive data as well.

Misfit has also added integration with Apple’s HealthKit platform for Apple users. For example, you can now make your sleep and weight data visible right in the HealthKit app.

The Misfit Flash fitness tracker now supports IFTTT (If This Then That), allowing you to give it an almost endless range of new capabilities. For example, you could now set up an IFTTT recipe to turn on the lights and your television in the morning when you get up through a simple tap. A different tap combination could trigger an SMS or email.

The Misfit Flash can also connect to  the Logitech Harmony Home Hub, giving you access to some 225,000 smart home devices such as lights, thermostats and more.

The update enabling these new features is available as of today.