Modular Blocks smartwatch Kickstarter campaign starts October 13th

Blocks modular smartwatchMark your calendars! UK-based Blocks Wearables today announced that its much anticipated Kickstarter campaign for its modular Blocks smartwatch will begin on October 13th at 0900 PT.

The Kickstarter campaign will offer backers the core block, consisting of a round display, the Qualcomm 400 Snapdragon processor, a motion sensor and Bluetooth along with the following extra modules:

  • Extra battery block
  • Heart rate block
  • Location block (GPS)
  • Contactless payments block (NFC)

The core block case will be made of hiqh quality durable plastic and promises a “premium feel.” The pins that connect the modules together will be metallic. Colour options have not been announced yet.

The Blocks smartwatch will offer the usual smartphone functions including notifications, displaying text messages, emails and calendar alerts and track your sleep and activity. Depending on what additional modules you have, the watch will support additional functionality.

More modules will be released in the future. Among these is expected to be a SIM card module but no dates have been provided yet.

Shipments are expected to begin about seven months later (May 2016 or so).

Pricing has not been announced yet but has been previously described as “flagship affordable.” Needless to say, the more blocks you choose to order, the more expensive your Blocks smartwatch will be.

Blocks modular smartwatch

Source : Blocks