Modular Blocks smartwatch Kickstarter campaign tops US$1 million

Blocks modular smartwatchUK-based Blocks Wearables launched its Kickstarter campaign for the modular Blocks smartwatch earlier this month. It took a mere 56 minutes for it to reach its US$250,000 funding goal. Fast forward two weeks and the company has now raised more than US$1 million.

And with that, all BLOCKS smartwatches, for all current and future backers, will be equipped with Gorilla Glass. This ensures that your BLOCKS watch will have a damage resistant screen. We are thrilled to make this possible with your support.

Blocks modular martwatch

Blocks has now set its sight on its next stretch target, US$1.2 million. Given that it is already at US$1.103 million as we write this, we can expect it shortly announce that another milestone has been reached. When it does, it will offer backers the opportunity to add a metallic finish to both the core and module components.

In the meantime, with the campaign set to run until November 19th, Blocks is probably going to have to think about offering a few more stretch goal rewards for its modular Blocks smartwatch.

Source : Kickstarter