New ARM Cortex-A35 processor geared at wearables

ARM Cortex-A35 processorARM this week announced the ARM Cortex-A35 processor, the first in a new family of ultra-high-efficiency 64-bit ARMv8-A processors. It promises to bring 64-bit computing to wearables for the first time, something that was not possible before due to the size and energy use of available processors.

“Cortex-A35 is the natural successor to the compact-footprint Cortex-A7, the leading energy-efficient processor, which has powered more than a billion smartphones and tablets,” said James McNiven, general manager, CPU group. “With the introduction of the world’s most efficient 64-bit capable mobile processor, ARM and its partners will deliver the benefits of 64-bit computing to the next billion smartphone users and beyond.”

Geared at a range of devices that ranges from wearables to the automotive space, the Cortex-A35 will deliver improvements over its predecessors in a number of areas. About 25% smaller than previous models, it will take up less room in constrained spaces. It will also offer about 20% better performance than the Cortex-A7 while consuming about a third less power than the Cortex-A53.

ARM expects that its partners will begin to ship the silicon using the Cortex-A35 processor by late 2016.

Source : ARM