Nokia HERE for Gear app coming to Samsung Gear S2

Nokia HERE for GearNokia HERE is already available for the Samsung Gear S smartwatch. It should come as no surprise then that Nokia today announced that it is coming to the new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.The preinstalled Samsung Maps app will integrate with HERE for Gear app when turn-by-turn navigation is required.

HERE for Gear will work in companion mode. As soon as you start it on your Gear S2, the HERE app will also start up on your smartphone so the two devices can work together to provide you with the information you’re looking for. Instructions will appear on the Samsung Gear S2 as needed with vibrations providing additional cues. For example, different vibrations will tell you whether to turn left or right.

Nokia HERE for Gear

“It was really important for both Samsung and HERE to create a turn-by-turn navigation experience for the Gear S2 that wouldn’t distract the driver,” says Mateusz Tomaszewski, Principal UX Designer at HERE. “Working closely with the UX team at Samsung, we investigated, tested and came up with different vibration patterns for left and right turns so you don’t need to take your eyes off the road to know that you need to make the next move.”

HERE for Gear also works with S Voice on the Samsung Gear S2. A voice command like “Navigate to Lester Pearson airport,” will launch the app.

HERE for Gear will be available when the Samsung Gear S2 arrives in stores worldwide this fall.

Source : Nokia HERE