Pebble teaser counting down to February 24 announcement

Pebble teaser for February 24, 2015 eventPebble CEO Eric Migicovsky recently revealed that the Pebble smartwatch has now topped sales of one million units. With a growing number of competitors and Apple about to jump into the market, he also promised that 2015 would see Pebble introduce new products and a new software platform “unlike anything else used on smartwatches to date.” A countdown that appeared on the company’s website now suggests that we will not need to wait much longer to find out what Pebble is planning.

The Pebble teaser countdown points to something happening on Tuesday, February 24th at 1000 ET. Unfortunately, there is nothing to give us a hint as to what Pebble has in mind so it’s not certain that Pebble will unveil new products next week. Is it really coincidence though that Migicovsky has been dropping hints about new products recently?

Migicovsky promised something quite new. Could Pebble have come up with a similar concept to the Neptune Duo where the smartwatch is the primary device and the smartphone merely a larger screen to display additional information when needed?

Drop us a note below if you think you know what Pebble is set to announce next week.

Source : GetPebble