Sony Mobile offers new watch faces with Watch Faces for Smartwatch 3 app

Sony Watch Faces for Smartwatch 3The Sony Smartwatch 3 was first unveiled back at IFA 2014. A stainless steel version followed at CES 2015. Sony has now released a new app that lets users set up new watch face and a few basic widgets (or complications to use a horological term). The Watch Faces for Smartwatch 3 app lets you quickly and easily design your own watch face and upload it to your Sony Smartwatch 3.

This is the official Sony application for SmartWatch 3 SWR50. Personalize your watch by designing your own watch face.

The app offers a number of watch faces, each of which can be customized with a few background options. Some also offer configurable complications such as the date, calendar week number and a step counter. It is also possible to customize the hands, time markers and accent colours.

Sony SmartWatch 3 in stainless steel

Sony will hopefully update the Watch Faces for Smartwatch 3 app with more watch faces, colours, styles and complications to give users the chance to create a truly unique watch face.

Sony will hold a press event on September 2nd as IFA 2015 kicks off. Whether it announces a new smartwatch (the Smartwatch 4?) or not remains to be seen though.

Source : Google Play