Wearables Black Friday sale at Best Buy Canada

Black FridayBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are very nearly upon us. While the holiday and associated shopping frenzy originated in the U.S., the latter has made its way north of the border to Canada in recent years. Best Buy Canada will once again offer a range of deals including a number of wearables Black Friday offers.

We’ve gone through their flyer and here is a list of the sales on wearables that will be available:

Fitness Trackers:

  • Fitbit Flex activity tracker: CA$89.99 (CA$30 saving)
  • Fitbit Charge HR: CA$149.99 (CA$30 saving)
  • Fitbit Zip wireless tracker: CA$49.99 (CA$20 saving)
  • Garmin vivofit 2 Manhattan Module Bundle: CA$89.99 (CA$50 saving)
  • Misfit Flash: CA$24.99 (CA$5 saving)
  • Misfit Shine: CA$59 (CA$20 saving)
  • Striiv Fusion Lite: CA$39.99 (CA$40 saving)
  • Striiv Fusion Bio: CA$119.99 (CA$30 saving)


  • Basis Peak: CA$149.99 (CA$50 saving)
  • Fitbit Surge GPS with heart monitor: CA$279.99 (CA$20 saving)
  • Garmin vivoactive GPS: CA$199.99 (CA$130 saving)
  • Pebble: CA$79.99 (CA$40 saving)
  • Pebble Time: CA$179.99 (CA$70 saving)
  • Motorola Moto 360 (1st generation): CA$179.99 (CA$20 saving)
  • TomTom Runner GPS: CA$89.99 (CA$60 saving)
  • TomTom Runner Cardio GPS: CA$179.99 (CA$80 saving)
  • Withings Activité Pop: CA$129.99 (CA$70 saving)


  • Bellabeat Leaf: CA$149.99 (CA$50 saving)
  • Gameband Minecraft: CA$49.99 (CA$50 saving)
  • Muse brain sensing headband: CA$199.99 (CA$100 saving)
  • Myo Gesture Control Armband: CA$179.99 (CA$70 saving)

While we have focused on the wearables Black Friday deals, Best Buy Canada’s Black Friday sale covers far more. Check out their flyer for all the details.

Source : Best Buy Canada