Web Tiles Preview brings more information to Microsoft Band

Microsoft BandMicrosoft today announced a new set of tools to make it easier to deliver “glanceable” information to Microsoft Band from almost any data source accessible through the web. While relatively rudimentary, developers can create a range of tiles that support text, icons, buttons and barcodes.

Microsoft Band web tile preview allows developers to deliver information to Microsoft Band from virtually any data source on the web, in just a few easy steps!

Write tile code once in simple JSON code and let the Microsoft Health app do the rest for you – adding web tiles to Microsoft Band, periodically fetching web resources and delivering it to the web tile on the Band.

An online tool allows you to quickly configure your tile and generate an app that can then be loaded onto the Band via the Microsoft Health app (which is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS). All you need to provide is an Atom or RSS feed and an icon image.

Microsoft Band

Microsoft also announced new APIs that will allow third-party developers to access the Microsoft Health platform. Among the information that can be retrieved are activity summaries for a given time frame or more specific activity details for supported activities (Sleep, Run, Workout, Bike, Guided Workout, Golf).

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Source : Conversations: The Microsoft Devices blog