April Fools: Bremont Melville first watch with own windscreen wiper

Bremont MelvilleIt’s one of those obvious things in hindsight. Ever been caught trying to read the time on your watch only to find it’s unreadable because of the ocean spray or the rain? British luxury watch brand Bremont has released a new timepiece that solves this annoying problem. The Bremont Melville, billed as “the ultimate America’s Cup sailing timepiece,” is the first watch ever to come with its own windscreen wiper.

A windscreen wiper for a watch – it’s such a simple idea.

We can’t work out why nobody has thought of it before!

Or maybe we can.

Even more incredible is that the Bremont Melville will automatically detect when the wiper needs to activate. No action is required on the part of its user. Bremont instead relies on tiny sensors embedded in the watch. As soon as they detect the first hint of moisture, the miniature wiper blade will move across the face of the watch to remove any spray. You will always have a completely legible dial!

Bremont did not immediately announce pricing and availability of the Bremont Melville.

Any enquiries about the Bremont Melville should be addressed to Ali Prolof at Ali.Prolof@Bremont.com.

Source : Bremont