Autavia Cup to decide which Heuer Autavia to reissue in 2017

Tag Heuer Autavia CupBack in 1962, when Tag Heuer was still known only as Heuer, it launched the first timepiece in its distinguished and long-lived Autavia line of watches. Deriving its name from the combination of the words AUTomobile and AVIAtion, the Heuer Autavia was its first chronograph with a rotating bezel. A number of other iconic Autavia timepieces followed in subsequent years. One of these will be reissued by Tag Heuer in 2017. The Autavia Cup will decide which one will be chosen.

The Autavia Cup kicks off on March 17th, the same day as Baselworld 2016. It will take place on the dedicated website In the first round which will run until March 31st, 16 Autavia watches will be pitted against each other in eight side-by-side contests. A second online round, which will run until April 14th, will then follow to select four finalists. On April 18th, a TAG Heuer internal Products Committee led by CEO Jean-Claude Biver will reveal which of the four will be reissued and presented at Baselworld 2017.

This is an original project, a community initiative, a spontaneous consultative approach with customers, collectors, enthusiasts, boutique clients, etc. A first among watchmaking brands in terms of preserving and showcasing their heritage.

Among the iconic models battling it out will be the Reference 2446 Mark 3, the Reference 3646 Mark 3 – Tachymeter dial, the Reference 2446c – Black Panda Dial and the Reference 2446 Mark 4 to name but a few.

Here is a sneak peak at all 16 contenders for you to start thinking about where your votes should go:

Tag Heuer Autavia Cup

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