Baselworld 2016: Tissot Smart-Touch smartwatch

Tissot Smart-TouchAs expected, Tissot came to Baselworld to unveil its first smartwatch, the Tissot Smart-Touch. As the name suggests, the watch is part of Tissot’s Touch collection of watches. In fact, it looks nearly identical to the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar but adds a number of connected features not found on the other Touch models.

As you would expect from a smartwatch, the Tissot Smart-Touch will connect to your smartphone. It will also be able to connect to external services like weather stations to provide additional information. Clearly geared at the active user, it offers a range of functions including GPS navigation using the watch hands, GPS tracking (although it’s not clear if the watch itself supports GPS or if it uses that of the paired device), alarms and time zone adjustments. It can also work with accessories such as the Find-It fob to make sure you can easily find items such as keys. In all, some 30 functions will be offered. At the same time, Tissot is quick to point out that this is still a watch first.

The Tissot Smart-Touch sports a titanium case complemented with a ceramic bezel. The dial combines analog elements with a digital component and is protected by scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire glass. It also promises longer battery life than expected from current-generation smartwatches. It will use a battery made by Swatch’s Renata Unit and sport a solar panel allowing it to be continuously recharged. Spotted at Baselworld were both a leather and a silicone bracelet, suggesting that Tissot will offer at least a few options to choose from in that area.

The Smart-Touch will launch in late autumn or early winter and cost around CHF 1,000 (about US$1,035 or CA$1,350).

Tissot Smart-Touch

Source : Tissot