Basis Peak smartwatch sales halted due to overheating concerns

Basis PeakBasis has temporarily halted sales of its Basis Peak watch due to overheating concerns. it has also asked its partners to do the same and has reached out to existing customers to warn them as well. Basis is going as far as advising customers not to wear the Peak until they remedy the situation with a future software update.

“A small number of people have reported that their Basis Peak watches have overheated, and in some cases, caused discomfort, blistering or burns on their wrist under the watch body. At this time, the known reported cases involve approximately 0.2% of the watches sold to date. However, that is no comfort if you are one of the people affected.”

The software update will allow the Basis Peak that will automatically shut off the watch if it detects overheating. No timelines were provided as to when it may roll out.

Basis is also looking into reports that the overheating device could melt charging cradles. The company is still investigating this particular issue to determine if it affects the official Basis Peak charging cradle or third-party accessories.

For those unwilling to wait for a software update, Basis is also offering a full refund through its support website.

The Basis Peak was first launched back in 2014. A number of software updates have gradually given it more functionality. The last one was released in April and added music controls and the ability to manually enter workout details on the watch itself.

Sources : @dcrainmakerblog // Engadget