Could this be the Apple Watch 2?

Rumoured Apple Watch 2A leaked image obtained by GizmoChina of a mysterious new smartwatch may be our first glimpse at the new Apple Watch 2. But before you get your hopes too high, it could just as well be a new wearable heavily influenced by Apple’s design language.

If we assume for a moment that it is indeed the next-generation Apple Watch, it would be quite the departure from the first model. The biggest difference is that the square display has made way for a round one. Like the Motorola Moto 360, it is not a full round display but, interestingly, the black bar at the bottom is used as a Home button. The original Apple Watch does not have a Home button so this would be another significant change over the previous model.

Much like the current Apple Watch, there is a single button (that we can see) below the crown. The band also appears to be nearly identical except for the way it attaches to the case. Here it appears fixed, preventing the user from swapping it out for a different one.

The smartwatch is powere and we can see the user interface as well. It appears to be largely unchanged. Some of the icons at the edges appear only partially, suggesting that the interface has not been modified to work with a circular display.

At this point, it’s more likely than not that this is not the Apple Watch 2. Whether it’s a concept design like other round Apple Watches we have featured on Concept Sunday or a device that another manufacturer is playing with remains to be seen.

Recent rumours have hinted that Apple could unveil the Apple Watch 2 as early as March.

Feel free to weigh in below to let us know if you think it’s the Apple Watch 2 or not.

Source : GizmoChina