Lenovo to phase out Motorola brand

Motorola - A Lenovo companyThe last chapter in the famed and long-storied saga of the Motorola brand is about to be written. When Lenovo acquired Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014, it offered mobile devices under both the Lenovo and Motorola brands. It has now decided to retired the Motorola brand in favour of offering all devices under its own brand,

Motorola Chief Operating Officer Rick Osterloh revealed the decision at CES 2016 in an interview with CNET. “We’ll slowly phase out Motorola and focus on Moto,” he said. The move is expected to help the world’s largest PC maker better establish its brand in the mobile device market.

While the Motorola brand will slowly disappear, the Moto brand will live on. Lenovo will use it for its high-end smartphones and mobile devices. For example, the next version of the Motorola Moto G might launch as the Lenovo Moto G. The change will presumably also apply to wearables, including future smartwatches. Budget devices will be marketed under its own Vibe brand.

Lenovo logo

While the Motorola brand will no longer appear on devices, it will live on (for now at least) as the corporate name of the company’s unified mobile division which will be headed up by Osterloh. Motorola’s iconic M “batwing” logo will also live on but exactly how remains to be seen as smartphones will now carry the blue Lenovo logo.

Motorola invented the mobile phone some 40 years ago. It once dominated the market and its ultrathin Razr flip phone became one of the best-selling mobile phones ever.

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Source : CNET