Microsoft adds watch face to Android Wear Outlook app

Microsoft Outlook for Android WearMicrosoft launched its Outlook app for Android Wear back in April. It allowed users to read and reply to emails with pre-set messages or voice-dictated responses without ever having to reach for their smartphone. The latest update, version 2.1.24, has added an Outlook watch face that makes it even easier to see upcoming events and the latest emails.

Today, we are introducing the Outlook watch face for Android Wear. With the Outlook watch face, you can quickly see an overview of your day’s schedule along with key details on where you need to be next. Staying on top of your day has never been easier.

The new Android Wear Outlook watch face offers a schedule overview as well as key details such as location and time remaining before it starts for your next appointment. A full 12 hours of events are shown on the dial on an outer ring with individual event colours matching those of the Outlook calendar to make it easier to recognize the event type. When you don’t have any upcoming events in the next 12 hours, Outlook instead shows you recent emails.

Microsoft Outlook for Android Wear

The Outlook watch face can also be personalized with custom background and accent colours.

The Microsoft Outlook Android app which includes the Android Wear Outlook client, is a free download from Google Play. The latest update carries version 2.1.24.

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