Philips Health Watch to launch in September 2016

Philips Health WatchPhilips at IFA 2015 revealed plans to launch a series of personal health programs that would allow consumers to monitor and manage their health using a combination of health measurement devices, app-based personalized programs and its HealthSuite Digital Platform, a cloud-based platform that would both collect and analyze the data received from various connected devices. Among the devices unveiled was the Philips health watch. No availability details were provided last September but Pocket-lint has learned that it will go on sale in September for about €250 (about US$285 or CA$360).

Unlike many wearables, the Philips Health Watch is designed as a medical device “to help prevent or mitigate lifestyle-induced chronic conditions.” It comes with a proprietary optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer and tracks the usual health biometrics, including heart rate, activity, calories burned and sleep patterns. It also comes with an e-ink display and promises to have a battery life of about four days.

Unlike most smartwatches, the Health Watch will not offer smartphone notifications. Philips could add this feature later but that remains uncertain at this point in time.

Part of the reason that the Health Watch has not launched yet is that it is still undergoing medical certification.

While the Philips Health Watch will not launch until September, a number of other connected health devices are now on sale. These include two blood pressure monitors, an ear thermometer and an air purifier.

Source : Pocket-lint