Powerstrap Pal Strap brings GPS and extended battery to Pebble Time

Powerstrap PalSmartstraps for the Pebble Time allow third-party developers to add new functionality to the smartwatch with new straps. For example, the Pagaré smartstrap which successfully funded on Kickstarter give the Pebble Time NFC payment capabilities. A new Kickstarter project for the the Powerstrap Pal Strap is now looking to give it GPS functionality and extended battery support.

The world’s first GPS and battery extender Smartstrap for Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel watches. It’s lightweight and durable — sure to be a great companion to your Pebble! The strap’s GPS is independent so you don’t rely on a connection to a smartphone and it features an extended battery so that you don’t have to worry about your battery — it provides true freedom while out on the trail.

Powerstrap Pal for Pebble Time

The Powerstrap Pal can provide up to 24 hours of independent GPS tracking thanks to its integrated Qualcomm SiRF GPS chipset, thereby eliminating the need for a paired smartphone to provide location information. The 250mAh battery that is integrated into the strap provides up to seven more days of battery life.

The Pal also comes with its own fitness app (compatible with both Android and iOS). It provides location log records and information such as workout route (with Google Maps integration), pace, speed, altitude and more. It also lets users set goals and measure progress against these.

While the Powerstrap Pal may not win any fashion awards, it will probably appeal to the fitness crowd as it gives the Pebble Time line of watches broader health and fitness tracking support. In fact, it has already raised more than three quarters of its US$80,000 goals and still has more 18 days to go in its campaign.

Powerstrap Pal for Pebble Time

While the early bird funding tiers are now gone, you can still pre-order the Powerstrap Pal for US$79 (about CA$103). You can choose from six colours: Sky Blue, Emerald Green, Maple Red, Snowcap White, Graphite Grey and Sunburst Yellow.

Shipments are expected to begin in October 2016.

Source : Kickstarter