Samsung done with Android Wear in favour of Tizen?

Samsung Gear S2 classic ceramic braceletSamsung, one of the largest wearables manufacturers in the world, was named as one of Google’s partners when the latter unveiled Android Wear back in March 2014. Since then, Samsung has only offered one Android Wear device, the Samsung Gear Live smartwatch. It now appears that it will remain the sole such device in Samsung’s wearable portfolio as unnamed company executives have told Fast Company that “no more Samsung Android Wear devices are in development or being planned.”

Samsung has unsurprisingly chosen to use its own Tizen for future wearables. It not only runs its round Gear S2 smartwatch but has been a staple in Samsung’s wearables since unveiling the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches (and upgrading the original Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Gear to Tizen as well) in early 2014.

Two reasons were given by the same executives for the decision. First, Samsung found Tizen to be “far more battery-efficient than Android Wear.” Second, Tizen is quickly making its way into a range of Samsung products, ranging from wearables to televisions and even appliances. Using the same operating system across all these devices likely makes it easier for Samsung to ensure that they are inter-operable.

Samsung was quick to dismiss the report with a short statement to Fast Company. It simply said: “Samsung has not made any announcement concerning Android Wear and we have not changed our commitment to any of our platforms.” It is unlikely that Samsung will ever issue such a statement but its devices speak volume about the direction it is going in.

Google Android Wear 2.0

Google just unveiled Android Wear 2.0 at Google I/O 2016 earlier this month. It adds a number of new features including greater autonomy, user interface improvements such as improved notifications and a new API to support watch face complications.

Source : Fast Company