MWC 2016: Sunpartner Wysips Reflect technology uses solar energy to recharge smartwatches

SunpartnerA new technology from French company Sunpartner Technologies could one day eliminate the problem of short battery life on smartwatches. Its solution, called Wysips Reflect, uses solar energy to recharge not only smartwathces but a range of other devices. Sunpartner will show off this technology at MWC 2016.

Wysips Reflect is an ultra-thin, invisible photovoltaic component that can be embedded into a reflective screen as well as objects without a screen. For example, it could be embedded into the display of a smartwatch or into the watch dial or crystal of a traditional watch. It could also work with a range of other devices including electronic shelf tags, rear phone casings and other types of wearable technology.

Sunpartner indicates that battery life could be extended by 30 to 50% using its Wysips Reflect component. Factors such as duration and level of sunshine will play a role in how effective this technology can be.

Sunpartner also promises that a new solar smartwatch and a new partnership will be announced at MWC 2016.

Source : Sunpartner