Vandrico partners with Deloittle on Wearable Technology Database

Vandrico Wearables DatabaseCanada’s Vandrico Solutions first launched its  Wearable Technology Database back in 2014. The interactive tool now tracks a growing number of devices from more than 300 companies across the world. The company this week announced that, under a new partnership, Deloitte will assume the data management functions for the database.

“Industries all over the world are now adopting wearables as a way to keep employees safe on the job,” said Gonzalo Tudela, CEO, Vandrico Solutions Inc. “Keeping up-to-date with the hardware market is key to our client’s success.”

The Wearable Technology Database currently has 438 wearable devices from 303 companies. Products are categorized by the body part on which they are worn. For example, there are 81 head-worn devices listed. Information about each device includes price, connectivity options, immediate workplace benefits as well as a relative device score.

Vandrico Wearables Database

Deloitte and Vandrico are also working together to increase the number of devices in the database to more than 700 by the end of the year.

IDC late last year predicted that some 111.1 million wearables will ship in 2016. By 2019, that number is expected to jump to more than 214 million devices. While devices such as smartwatches and fitness trainers are sharing the limelight, wearables are also making steady inroads in the enterprise space. Vandrico estimates that more than 100 enterprises are already using wearable technology to improve their employees’ safety and productivity.

Vandrico is the company behind the MineSafe Smartwatch, a wearable designed to help keep miners safe.

Source : Vandrico