Video: Samsung SmartThings Future Living Report predicts our future

Samsung SmartThings Future Living Report Samsung often likes to polish off the old crystal ball and gaze at what the future could bring. This time, it asked a a team of leading academics The SmartThings Future Living Report, to predict what could become reality in the next 100 years (and would presumably be powered by Samsung technologies such as Samsung SmartThings). The overall prediction is that “the way we live, work and play will change beyond all recognition over the course of the next century.”

According to Space Scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock, one of the co-authors, “Our lives today are almost unrecognisable from those a century ago. The internet has revolutionised the way we communicate, learn and control our lives. Just 25 years ago, technology like SmartThings would have been inconceivable, yet today, developments like this let us monitor, control and secure our living spaces with the touch of a smartphone.  Over the next century we will witness further seismic shifts in the way we live and interact with our surroundings.”

Samsung SmartThings Future Living Report


The report and video paint a future where super-skyscrapers dwarf existing buildings both above and below ground and entire cities exist under water. Drones will be used by many to get around, sometimes bringing entire house along! 3D printing will allow us to print everything from furniture to ready meals right at home. Even our homes could be 3D printed while home decorating will consist of smart walls that can be changed at the flick of a button.

Our work environments will change as well. Not only will the working week be shorter but holograms and virtual meetings will continue to change how we work and collaborate with others. Digital currencies could replace current ones and make online transactions easier than ever.

While wearables do not feature in the video, Samsung does expect them to play a vital role in decentralizing health care and monitoring our health at all times. Homes could even come with step-in capsules capable of full body scan bodies and digital diagnosis. It could even dispense medication when required or remotely perform operations and medical procedures.

Samsung also expects that we’ll be on our way to space soon. Colonization of the moon will be followed by that of Mars and then the rest of the galaxy.

The Samsung SmartThings Future Living Report makes for a very rosy future! Whether all these things come to fruition in the next 100 years remains to be seen though.

Source : Samsung