Nixon launches Metallica watch collection

2018 Nixon Metallica watch collectionWatch company Nixon is partnering with the famed heavy metal band Metallica for its latest watch collection. Eight watches, each inspired by one of the band’s albums, are now available. Among the albums represented are “Kill ‘Em All”, “…And Justice For All” and “The Black Album.” A limited edition “Sanitarium” watch was also offered by quickly sold out.

According to Metallica:

They are the perfect partner for us… independent and unique, with a focus on creativity and quality, and we’ve been looking forward to working with them again since our first experience back in 2010 when we teamed up for a series of limited edition rocker watches using old guitar straps and leather jackets from various ‘Tallica members to create watch bands (with proceeds going to the Musicians Assistance Program).

The 2018 Nixon Metallica collection consists of the following watches:

Nixon Metalllica Sentry

The 42mm Sentry Leather “Seek & Destroy” with a ‘Flying V’ guitar seconds hand, bullet indices and embossed bullet crown. It sells for US$200 (CA$235).

Nixon Metalllica 51-30 "Master of Puppets"

The 51mm 51-30 “Master Of Puppets” featuring an embossed ‘Multilayer Cross’ dial and ‘Metallica Barb’ seconds hand. It sells for US$500 (CA$600).

Nixon Metalllica Corporal SS "…And Justice For All"

The 48mm Corporal SS “…And Justice For All” with a custom ‘Cracked’ dial and crown and ‘Metallica Sword’ seconds hand. It also features hidden cover art that can only be revealed with black light. It sells for US$250 (CA$285).

Nixon Metallica Sentry Leather "Black Album"

The 42mm Sentry Leather “Black Album” with a Horween leather textured dial and ‘Metallica Barb’ seconds hand. It sells for US$250 (CA$285).

Nixon Metallica Time Teller

The 37mm Time Teller comes in four variants inspired by the “Kill ’em All,” “Ride the Lightning,” “Pushead’ and “Hardwired” albums. All sport a custom dial and custom hands, including a ‘Metallica Barb’ seconds hand. They each sell for US$125 (CA$150).

Nixon Metalllica 51-30 "Sanitarium"

The last watch in the collection is the limited edition 51-30 LTD “Sanitarium.” Already sold out, it sports a custom bezel with “Prison Bar” cage and a “Insane / Sane” sub dial. It sold for US$750 (about CA$1100). Only 100 watches, individually numbered, were offered globally.

The partnership between Metallica and Nixon will extend into 2019 with “more ideas” to come.

Source : Nixon