Pebble teases May 24th “Everything’s better with friends” announcement

Pebble May 24 2016 announcement teaser

Pebble is going to make an announcement tomorrow. The company took to Twitter earlier today to tease the event set to take place on May 24th at 1000 ET (0700 PT). The only clue it gives us as to what is in store is that “Everything’s better with friends.” Pebble’s website features a countdown to the event, promising that we’re “in […]

New health and text features with Pebble Firmware 3.12

Pebble Time Steel

Pebble is back with its latest firmware for its Pebble line of smartwatches. Pebble Firmware 3.12 comes with two key new features: An update to Pebble Health and new text messaging options for iPhone users. Time flies when you’re having fun. With summer around the bend, we’re excited to unleash the latest wave of goodies for your wrists. With a Pebble Time […]

Pebble Time Firmware 3.11 adds new vibration alerts and improves sleep tracking

Pebble Time

Despite some recent job cuts, Pebble does not appear to be slowing down when it comes to releasing firmware updates for its Pebble line of smartwatches. The latest one comes after last month’s update which added an improved Pebble Health daily activity summary and super-sized emojis. Pebble Time Firmware 3.11 comes with new vibration options. It also improves a number of things including […]

Pebble to lay off 25% of its staff

Pebble Time Round

Despite having the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever and raising over US$20 million with its Pebble Time campaign, all does not appear to be well at Pebble. CEO Eric Migicovsky today told Tech Insider that the company is laying off off 40 employees, roughly about 25 percent of its staff. The Pebble layoffs come despite the fact that the company has raised about US$26 million in […]

Pebble Firmware 3.10 adds super-sized emojis and Pebble Health refinements

Pebble super-sized emoji

Following last week’s price cut on its smartwatches, Pebble yesterday unveiled the latest firmware for its Pebble smartwatches. While many will consider the update relatively small, Pebble does not quite see it the same way. It comes with two key changes: An improved Pebble Health daily activity summary and super-sized emojis. The new firmware super-sizes its top 12 watch emoji. Anytime […]

Improved Pebble Health and expanded messaging options with Pebble Firmware 3.9

Pebble Time

Pebble today announced the release of new firmware for its Pebble watches. As the company puts it, Pebble Firmware 3.9 comes with “something special for every smartwatch in the Pebble family.” Pebble Health, which was introduced just before Christmas with Firmware 3.8, has been improved with a number of new features. A new API will allow developers to show health stats […]

Pebble unveils Pebble Health with firmware 3.8 update

Pebble Health logo

Pebble this week announced the release of its latest firmware. Not only does firmware version 3.8 bring Pebble Time’s 3.0 operating system to the original Pebble and Pebble Steel but it also introduces Pebble Health for the newer Pebble Time smartwatches. Pebble Health is a fully native activity tracking experience. Developed in collaboration with Stanford University, it tracks step count and sleep activity on a […]