Google Nexus 7 Proporta Leather Style Case Review

As soon as I got my hands on the Google Nexus 7, I started looking for a case for it. My first choice was to simply pick up a Nexus 7 Cover directly from Google Play but they were not available (and still are not here in Canada). One of the first accessory makers that I found offering cases was UK-based Proporta. I had reviewed some of their cases years ago and decided that it might be a good time to revisit their products.

At the time, Proporta offered a single Nexus 7 case, the Leather Style Folio Case, that promised to protect your tablet from “the inevitable knocks, drops and scratches it faces from everyday life.”

Before we dive in, clicking on the images will bring up larger versions. And with that out of the way, let’s take a closer look.

The Case

The Proporta Leather Style Folio Case is an elegant case made of synthetic leather. It comes only in one choice of colours: Black. The case opens like a book and is kept closed by a magnetic clasp. This type of case leaves the top, right and bottom sides exposed. The outside of the case is devoid of any ornamentation except for a small Proporta logo embossed on the back. A closer look reveals no loose threads in the overstitching.

The inside of the case is lined with soft cloth to prevent any scratches. The cover flap also has a document pocket.

Proporta Folio Case - Logo Proporta Folio Case - Inside closeup

The Nexus 7 is held in place by four elastic straps positioned at each corner of the back flap. If you look closely, they are not all positioned equally; the top right strap is shorter than the others. A closer look and I realized that this was by design so that the strap would not interfere with the power button. I can’t say that the straps look particularly elegant but we’ll see how well they do the job.

Proporta Folio Case - Open case

Overall, the case appears well made and up to the task of protecting the Nexus 7 from the bumps of everyday life.

Using the case

Installing the Google Nexus 7 inside the Leather Style Folio Case is really simple. You simply put the tablet in the case and lift each elastic strap in turn over each of the four corners. The straps do a good job of securing it inside the case and I experienced no issues with any sliding off even when given a fairly vigorous shake. The straps only run over the bezel and do not at any point cover any portion of the display. They also do not obstruct any of the controls.

Proporta Folio Case - Installing the Nexus 7The case is slightly larger than the Nexus 7 so that its edges extend slightly past the tablet and protect its sides from the daily bumps and hits one can expect. As already indicated, the top, right and bottom sides of the tablet remain exposed at all times. While this gives you easy access to all the ports and controls, it also leaves them more vulnerable. But I experienced no issues even when my tablet was in a backpack pocket with a number of pens.

The one worry I have with using such a case is that it offers no protection against water and other liquids (like my often-at-my-side coffee). Then again, most cases are also susceptible to such damage so I cannot hold that against the Proporta case. This is not a case meant for more extreme activities but it makes no such claims either.

Proporta Folio Case - ClaspThe magnetic clasp works well. Positioned as it is midway up the right side of the case, it does not interfere with anything of the controls or use of the tablet. It is strong enough to remain closed in most day-to-day use but is still easy to open.

I found little value for the document pocket. It is too big for something like business cards (they’ll slide in just fine but will probably not stick out to remind you that they are there) and too small for your normal size sheets of paper. Consider it a nice to have just in case but not having it would not have taken anything away from the case either.

After a month of use and carrying the Nexus 7 in its Proporta case in a number of bags and coat pockets, the case still looks new and shows little sign of wear. More importantly, the tablet itself also shows few signs of wear and has nicely withstood the knocks of daily life that often sees it on the road. Despite being exposed, the sides do not look to be scratched either. The case has definitely done its job.

Unlike something like a bumper, the case adds a bit of weight, about 125 grams in this case, as well as a bit of bulk. In exchange you get more protection and a more elegant look.

Proporta Folio Case - Side View

If there is one thing that I wished that this case came with, it’s a built-in stand. When reading or watching something, I still need to either hold it up or find something to prop it up with.

What we liked

  • Excellent every day protection
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Lightweight

What we did not like

  • No way to use the case as a stand


The Proporta Leather Style Folio Case for the Google Nexus 7 is a case that lives up to its promise and to the Proporta name. It combines an elegant look with the necessary protection that the Nexus 7 needs from the bumps and scratches of every day life. At the same time, this case is not designed to offer protection from more extreme activities so you’ll need to make alternative arrangements for your canoe trip or Mt. Everest expedition.

While it may be priced slightly more than some alternatives, it also comes with Proporta’s Lifetime Exchange Warranty and well respected customer service.

Where to buy?

The Proporta Leather Style Google Nexus 7 Case is available directly from Proporta for USD$33.95. Proporta also now offers a second case option, the Google Nexus 7 Case – Swivel 360.