2005 PDA shipments nearing record

In a similar vein to an earlier Canalys report, combined sales of converged devices and PDAs in general reached 3.6 million units in the last three months, according to Gartner, a market research firm. If sales keep up at the current pace, 2005 will eclipse 2001 which is the current record year with 13.2 million PDAs shipped. These numbers do not include smart phones but include wireless PDAs with phone capabilities (eg, the iPAQ 6315 and Nokia 9300).

On the OS side, Windows dominates with a 46 percent marketshare in Q2 2005 with RIM (23.2 percent) and PalmSource (18.8 percent) in second and third respectively. On the hardware side, RIM tops the list, followed by Palm as HP and Dell both struggle.

The bad news in the report comes from the fact that it looks like purchases are being made by existing users and it remains difficult to attract new users.

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