Ancient Evil released

Ancient Evil

Ancient Evil is finally out! This RPG game from Pocket PC Studios and Silver Lightning Software takes you into the mysterious Crypt of the Ancients after the spirit of Jetraal (a hero dead over 300 years) returned to warn you of a rising threat.

The game is presented in a 3D isometric view (like Diablo and others) and features dozens of creatures. You will also help your character improve as you battle your way through 25 subterranean levels. The graphics look great and the game will be available with both native support for both QVGA and VGA Pocket PC devices. It features atmospheric real-time, realistically animated 3D models for all characters and monsters lighting and a fully interactive environment (from reading books to sleeping in a warm bed).

How big is this game? Does the fact that it comes with a comprehensive 120 page user’s guide give you a clue?

Ancient Evil can be purchased for $24.95 and a trial version is also available.

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