2112: The battle for Mars has started

Red Sector 2112

Red Sector 2112 is a first-person shooter game designed exclusively for the Pocket PC. The plot of this game revolves around a battle between human Mars settlers and aliens who have their own plans for Mars and the rest of our solar system. Fortunately, the human side has its own ultimate fighting machine: You, part android, part human and completely focused on defending mankind from this threat.

The game features a realistic 3D environment rendered by a custom realtime ray-casting engine, various weapons and ammo, telescopic sights, night vision, a jet pack and more.

Red Sector 2112 requires 5-6Mb of storage space and 10Mb of program memory as well as a 400Mhz processor in order to run at acceptible speeds. The detail level can be changed to take advantage of faster or slower processors.

Red Sector 2112 can be purchased for $19.95 USD and a trial version is also available.

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